What shall we read next?

It was book club last night – my Wednesday group as opposed to my Sunday group. Last Sunday was that group and we waded through ‘Possession’ by Antonia Byatt – well, I waded, others skimmed, some sank, some loved it, one person read it three times and ended up having loved it, hating it! (I am not surprised. Last night we waded through ‘Transition’ by Iain Banks… I can’t even begin to describe it, but I didn’t understand it, I couldn’t follow it, and as you might guess, I didn’t like it.

The choosing of the book is always a problem; the Sunday group has a ramble through countless ideas – since we meet in a bookshop it is easier, because we can leap up and look along the shelves. Our next read is ‘The French Lieutenant’s Woman’ by John Fowles, then ‘The Poet X’ by Elizabeth Acevedo.

The choosing of books in my Wednesday group used to be a similar mix of suggestions, desperately trying to remember what we thought was a good read, thinking of things we’ve already read, and ending up with a choice. However, recently we have decided to choose in a different way – the person hosting the get-together, chooses the book for next time. This seemed simple until we got to ‘Transition’ – I had never read any Iain Banks, and it wasn’t a book which appealed from the outset (although I did my best) so it is a mystery who chose it! I know I haven’t had a choice yet, so I must think up something which I hope will provoke a good discussion, but also entertain!

There was a question posed on Twitter: what book would you recommend. Tricky choice, but since there is a new C.J. Sansom book coming out in the autumn, I would recommend that! There were many on the list I had never heard of, so it was difficult from just a title to feel intrigued, there were plenty I had read – some I liked some not, and there were quite a few I had heard of and not read and thought to myself I might get hold of them!

Here’s just a section, some I’ve read, some I’m intrigued by:

  1. An empty journal
  2. Boy – Roald Dahl
  3. Carl Sagan – Cosmos
  4. Cider With Rosie – Laurie Lee
  5. Coming Up For Air – George Orwell
  6. John Buchan – The 39 steps
  7. John Steinbeck – Of Mice And Men
  8. John Fowles -The Magus
  9. Just William Books – Richmal Crompton
  10. Kate Atkinson – Behind The Scenes At The Museum/ Life After Life.
  11. Rebecca – Daphne Du Maurier
  12. The Artist’s Way – Julia Cameron
  13. The Great Gatsby – F Scott Fitzgerald.
  14. The King Must Die – Mary Renault
  15. The Red & The Black – Stendahl
  16. The Return Of The Native – Thomas Hardy
  17. The Worst Journey In The World – Apsley Cherry-Garrard
  18. Three Men In A Boat – Jerome K Jerome
  19. Touching The Void – Joe Simpson
  20. Winter In Madrid – C. J Sansom

My featured image is nothing at all to do with books… although Morris/mummers dancers do appear in Thomas Hardy’s ‘Return of the Native’, and Ngaio Marsh’s ‘Off With His Head’


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