Juggling another ball…

Just the other day I mentioned that I was beginning to think that I’m juggling too many balls now. I don’t mean real balls, I’m not very good at juggling even two – and even on Wii Fit I only manage three. I’m talking about writing balls. Yes I love writing – I heard Stephen Sondheim on the radio this morning, eighty-eight years old and writing a new musical. He said ‘Even when it’s not fun, it’s still fun’ when he was asked why he keeps on writing. That rung a massive bell with me – writing, is always fun, and even when it’s not fun, it’s still fun!

I write here every day, I share another blog with two friends and I write there several times a week, and also do the monthly stats and review, I write for my two writing groups – next week I have to write a piece entitled ‘Into the woods…’ – a lovely, lush title, and also for the following week for my other group to write something inspired by music… it doesn’t take many guesses to work out whose music I’ll be inspired by (possibly Mavericks, possibly Raul Malo? No-one who knows me will be surprised at that!!) I am writing a novel, I’m planning another ready for the National Novel Writing Month (50,00 words in 30 days) and there are the other little writing things which crop up by the by.

Surely that is enough? Especially since I have other commitments – two writing groups I lead, French, Saxish and Irish groups I attend – quiz night once a week… plus all the usual domestic and family stuff…

We, or rather I from my other writing blog have decided as well as the monthly, to have a quarterly e-magazine. It will be a mixture of news, reviews, articles, poems, short stories, and maybe even a competition or quiz! It’s in its early stages, but I’m hoping a practice or beta magazine will be out at the beginning of November – yes, I know it coincides with the writing month challenge, but I would hope it would be complete well before then. As I said, it’s only in its infancy at the moment, it might never come to light! However, when it does, I will announce it here and if anyone is interested, they can let me know!

Meanwhile… back to my story…

You can find my other shared blog here:




    1. Lois

      Yes it’s a group I belong to where we look back at the origins of language and in particular the language the Saxons spoke and its influence on the English we speak today… or that’s the idea, in actual fact we rove all over the place in our conversations!

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