A great library

Many years ago, when I was living in Oldham, we were very fortunate to have an excellent library in our little area of Lees. Considering it was quite a small library it had a great range of books on every non-fiction subject, and also in the fiction section. There were old favourites but also an up to date selection of newly released books. I made man y friends there – real actual friends, and also friends in books I discovered who have remained with me ever since.

One author I read as soon as a new book of hers arrived was Ann Cleeves, famous now for her Shetland series and Vera – probably more famous as TV series rather than the books. I also read many but not all of Anthea Fraser’s books which featured a detective called David Webb, the titles and mysteries based on the lyrics of the old folk song Green Grow the Rushes-oh!

I also read some of the novels of Caroline Graham; she was born in 1931 and apparently is still writing! I hope I will be writing  when I am her age! The first of her novels in her detective series is The Killings at Badger’s Drift, and the title may give you a clue why she is well-known for the characters she created. The other novels in the series are:

  • Death of a Hollow Man
  • Death in Disguise
  • Written in Blood
  • Faithful unto Death
  • A Place of Safety
  • A Ghost in the Machine

She has written other novels, but her detective stories have inspired a series on TV and the first five were used as plots for the show – which has now completed 20 seasons, with 121 episodes and viewed in countries across the world.

This very successful series is, of course, Midsomer Murders, originally starring John Nettles as  Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby, and now with a favourite actor of mine, Neil Dudgeon as  Detective Chief Inspector John Barnaby.

It’s a long time since i read the books, I wonder if I would still enjoy them, or would my mind wander to the TV series? Maybe I should read one again!

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