Sir John Soane, the 1st Earl of Clarendon and Stefan Edberg

Yesterday I shared the half-dozen or so clues from last week’s crossword which still had me stumped even after seven whole days thinking about them.

In the end I had to admit defeat and look up the answers, and here they are:

1st Earl of ———, title of Edward Hyde, adviser to Charles II, and Mary II and Queen Anne’s maternal grandfather – it was Clarendon – I had no idea!

Pen name of the author of the Jack Reacher novels  – Child (Lee Child) I did know but couldn’t call it to mind

Architect who designed the Dulwich Picture Gallery and the since re-built Bank of England; knighted in 1831, he was the son of a bricklayer – it was not Scott or Pugin but Soane, Sir John Soane 1753-1837, I should have remembered that!

Former world no. 1 tennis player who coached Roger Federer for two yearsEdberg… have I even heard of him?  is his first name Stefan? If someone asked me what sport he was in I might have said motor racing.

Nymph of a dragonfly or damselflynaiad, I didn’t know that

Album released by Queen in 1991 with J.J. Grandville’s illustration Juggler of the Universes  as its cover art. – Innuendo,  never heard of it!

Alpine primula known as bear’s ear –  auricula, I’ve heard of primulas, I’ve heard of alpine flowers, but auricula? Sorry never heard of it – but I know now!

Now I must try and finish this week’s crossword!

You can’t see the dragonflies in my featured image, but they’re there!


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