A new listicle

A Mavericks Listicle

A friend and I drifted into a challenge to write 73 different types of blog from an article we read about blogging… Article… a word ending in ‘icle‘… The origin of this suffix, ‘-icle‘ comes from Latin, meaning a small part of something as in particle.

The reason I deviated to research ‘-icle‘ is that ‘Listicles’ is a suggestion for one of the 73 blogs. A word I’d never come across, I guessed it meant little lists, and yes it does, but listicles?  Listicle is a portmanteau word from ‘list article‘; it usually appears in a blog or article which itself revolves round a list. Usually it’s numbered, often headlined such titles as ‘25 things you never knew about...’ or ‘17 foods you should never eat if… ‘ or ‘The world’s 25 most…‘.

I confess that I’ve looked at some of these (without realising they were listicles) because I’ve thought they might be interesting or relevant. However it seems, and I don’t want to be rude about anyone who’s written or reads them, that most seem ‘off the top of your head’ style of journalism – a few Wikipedia researched facts, fluffed up with a few generalisations and a lot of random things, probably totally imaginary. From a list of the world’s most/least famous/beautiful/interesting/ healthy/happy whatevers, I get the feeling that they are whatever or whoever the writer likes best or least! There are other listicles which are photos, probably just trawled from Google images, of the wackiest/weirdest/ugliest people or places or homes or occupations or fashions or dogs…

People like lists, that’s for sure, and having read about them now, I find I am guilty of including listicles – or lists as I prefer to call them in some of my blogs here.  A list can be a way of writing a blog or article from nothing very much – I guess students doing homework love them because you can fill a whole page, and they look neat and important! A list can be a lazy way of writing – so, you haven’t got much to say? Include a list!

The original article about 73 blogs says this about listicles: ‘Who doesn’t love lists right? List articles are always among the most shared on the internet. You can create a list of just about anything.’

So for the purposes of this, I had better include a listicle. It’s a well-known fact that my favourite band is the mavericks. They have produced dozens of albums – originals and then the collection type albums which sometimes include songs they’ve recorded which don’t appear elsewhere. I’m often asked which is my favourite song… and I’m never sure – to pick just one! There are songs with specific memories and associations, songs I love hearing/seeing live but I’m not so keen on the album version, there are songs I have to be in the mood to enjoy, songs to dive to, songs to sing along with… but favourite?

I found a list (not a listicle) of ninety-two (92!!) songs, and I began to winnow. Songs which even sung by the Mavs I would have to turn off or skip came straight off that list. There were only 14 of those. Songs I’m not sure I remember came off the list and that took it down to 52 – that’s still a lot of songs I really like… OK… I’ll do it the other way, songs which must go on a top ten listicle… in fact it has to be a top 15 listicle – of songs they’ve recorded, not necessarily all of them self-penned:

  1. Air That I Breathe
  2. All That Heaven Will Allow
  3. Call Me When You Get To Heaven
  4. Things I Cannot Change
  5. Here Comes The Rain
  6. In Another’s Arms
  7. Neon Blue
  8. San Jose
  9. Ven Hacia Mi
  10. Pretend
  11. I Should Have Been True
  12. From Hell To Paradise
  13. Fool #1
  14. Dream River
  15. All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down

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