Twenty-seven years ago we went for a curry

Twenty-seven years ago we went out for dinner; we were living in the small town of Lees which to an outsider might seem just part of Oldham. There were the three of us, us two and my dad and we went to one of the Indian restaurants on the High Street, the Dhana.

I don’t remember now what we ordered but I know we had a jolly fine meal, sitting by the window watching the passers-by pass by. No doubt we started with poppadoms and mixed dips, then no doubt I had something very hot and spicy, my dad would have chosen something unusual and my husband to be would have had something creamy – with rice, naan bread, and maybe a couple of sides. We would probably have drunk beer, maybe Bangla, or maybe Kingfisher or Cobra. After our no doubt lovely meal, we would have gone to one of the fine local pubs, maybe one of Lions, Red or White, maybe the Angel, or maybe we went further up the road to the Front House, over what used to be the border between Lancashire and Yorkshire…

I can’t completely remember but I know we had a very pleasant evening… and tonight we’re having a curry to celebrate – sadly Dad died in 1995, but I’m sure he’ll be with us in spirit, especially when we go to the pub, not the Dolphin tonight but the recently re-opened Walnut Tree, which was Dad’s local for a while before he moved next door to the Dolphin (perfect!)

The reason for the memorable meal twenty-seven years ago is that the following day we got married!!

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