NaNo day 1…

This is my sixth year challenging myself to write 50,000 words in the month of November.

I seem to have lost my writing focus a little – maybe juggling too many creative balls? I have decided this year, not exactly to plan, but maybe to have a daily focus. I’ve also decided that if I share it here, it’s a target up there to remind me! I’m going to try to post each day with a thought or an idea or a target – it may help, it may become an extra thing to think about! Some of these posts I guess will be quite short so I’m thinking of adding a nice photo, or maybe a short verse (mine or someone else’s!)

I am planning to write another Thomas Radwinter book, so some of my thoughts will be specific to my progress – but will also, I hope, be appropriate to other people too!

Day 1 – November 1st 2018

Begin at the beginning 1; all my Thomas Radwinter novels start in the same way with an introduction from Thomas giving details of his family and their current circumstances; this is because it can be really annoying when you read a book and there are names mentioned and you have no idea who they are because there are so many of them, or they were only briefly mentioned and you can’t remember which of all the briefly mentioned characters this is. I hope the introduction will help fix some of the characters for the reader – in a specific way with Thomas’s wife, his children, and ‘his brothers.

However, Winterdyke starts in a different way, signalling it’s a different type of story. The beginning is not exactly a prologue (which can be irritating although I tend to skip them, wanting to plunge straight into the narrative!) I’ve not written a beginning like this before, it will be interesting… a first little challenge

Here’s a link to my other Radwinter books:

Just about to go over the rhyne (stream) The water was full of fish, even on such a hot sunny day they were swimming around facing upstream.


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