Limousin red cabbage

It’s my foodie month – and red cabbage is definitely a winter vegetable, although these days there’s no such things as winter fruit and vegetables, you can get everything all the time – which I think is a shame… it’s a similar thing to seeing mince pies before Guy Fawkes Night, Valentine’s cards before Christmas , and hot cross buns – well, all the year round.

Here’s a recipe from the National Mark Calendar of Cooking – written in the late 1920’s it would have been a time when there were real and definite seasons for produce!

Limousin red cabbage

1 red cabbage
raw chestnuts, peeled, roughly chopped
roast pork fat or bacon

  1. cut the cabbage in quarters, remove outside leaves and stalk, wash and shred into very fine strips
  2. put cabbage with only a couple of spoons of stock, salt and pepper
  3. cook for ¾ hour with the lid on
  4. add the chestnuts, and bits of pork or bacon fat
  5. continue to cook until the cabbage is quite tender
  6. season and serve

I have used the exact recipe, but I think these days we might prefer our vegetables less well cooked and so would reduce the cooking time.


    1. Lois

      Thanks for mentioning the stick… so careless of me because of course it was supposed to be stock!!! I must have gone word-blind when I was checking it… I guess bacon or vegetable stock, or chicken, or maybe pork – although you don’t often see it available! Thanks once again x


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