Stuffed celery and cheese bread

According to the National Mark there’s a lot of stuffing going on in November, onions, mushrooms and now celery… although it actually is the simplest of receipts, and could just be a footnote really, a by-the-way, you could do this with celery and Stilton… It would be ideal with cheese bread as a snack! – especially as cheese bread is also very simple – it’s not actually a recipe to make bread with cheese in it…

Two simple November snacks:

Stuffed celery

2 or 3 heads of celery (make sure it is proper English celery with white stems and a lovely strong peppery smell) washed and carefully pulled apart

  1. blend equal amounts of Stilton and butter
  2. spread the hollow side of each stick with Stilton and butter
  3. form the celery back into a head so it looks whole (but no doubt a little squidgy)
  4. serve as it is, but slice into rings for your thrilled guests

Cheese bread

bread, thickly sliced but not too big as they have to be fried in a pan – maybe quarter the slices,  crusts cut off
cheese, finely grated
cayenne pepper

  1. soak the bread in a little milk for ten minutes, then take out and let drain a little
  2. sprinkle with cheese and season with cayenne
  3. heat butter in pan (you’ll need more than you think) but don’t let it burn or brown
  4. place bread and cheese slices in the butter and fry, basting with melted but to set the top
  5. when the bread is golden (have a peep underneath)
  6. turn it over to brown the cheesy top
  7. take from the pan, drain and serve immediately


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