Going up a niche

I wrote yesterday about a word which somehow arrived in my head, a semi-portmanteau word combing ‘tend to’ and ‘ramble’, to get ‘temble’ and it reminded me again of a wonderful and hilarious time of my life… I’ve shared this before, but…

Many years ago when I had a day job, there was a member of the team, a senior member who was a lovely person but had a tendency to mix metaphors, adopt Mr Spooner’s way of expressing himself, and generally not always hear what was coming out of their mouth! I know I have shared some of these before, but I can’t help but laugh when I look at them again.

I haven’t include the most spectacular flights of linguistic creativeness ( “a gunpowder plot boy” – who knows what was meant? An anarchist? He liked playing with fire? Who now knows?) but here is just a selection:

  • A three man snake
  • Bare-buckle knoxing
  • Bend over backwards and make a rod for your own back
  • Bobfoc, you’ll know it when you know it
  • bushy eyed and bright tailed
  • Can’t see the light for the trees
  • Handed a spoon to redeem himself
  • He sets himself up as a tangent
  • I don’t want this to go between these two walls
  • It’s good to have bolts and braces
  • Lying out of his seat.
  • Oh that old cherry (chestnut)
  • She looks like a tinfoil turkey
  • Smoke on your face (egg on your face)
  • Speaking hand on head
  • That was a bit below the table (below the belt)
  • The ears have walls
  • Thorn in the ointment
  • You could cut the ice with a knife

… and from a friend who is similarly accidentally creative with language:

  • keep the oils wheeled
  • like casting stones upon water
  • I thumb my finger at you
  • a disembowelled voice


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