The magic number is 62,015

November has been an exciting month because over those thirty days I wrote 60,015 words of my next Radwinter novel, Winterdyke! Just in case you missed it, I entered an on-line challenge to write 50,00 words in November, and wow, I can hardly believe it, I did it!!

It certainly paid to plan how I was going to do it – as I mentioned before, this is my sixth year and sixth ‘win’ but over the last couple of years it has been a slog. This year I had to work hard and write hard, but I cleared my writing desk (my metaphorical one, my actual writing desk is just about groaning under the weight of ‘stuff’ ) I got up at six o’clock for the first two weeks, but continued to get up early for the last two, and I just kept my story in my mind all the time.

I wonder if I continue my regime – even in these busy days leading up to Christmas, if I can manage to finish my novel by the new year? Hmmm… this needs thinking about… but maybe just getting up a little earlier than usual and having just half an hour dedicated writing, not being on-line but just writing, I wonder if I can finish the first draft… that would be amazing! It’s down to me though!

However, during december I have:

  • the family party
  • two more writing groups, hosted here by me
  • other writing group
  • writing group party
  • history reading group
  • two other reading group parties
  • meals out with friends and husband’s art groups
  • Saxish meeting with mincepies
  • French conversation (with mincepies?)
  • new walking group
  • my Moving Dragons group

… I’m going to be busy and in need of as strict diet!

Here is a link to my other Radwinter books:



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