I’m on Instagram

A couple of years or so ago I joined Instagram. I don’t think I quite understood how most people use it, but I soon started sharing photos and looking at other people’s pictures and following them. A lot of my friends use the site, and it was a lovely way to keep in touch, and see what they’re up to and where they go.

I began to follow a lot of Instagrammers from Tasmania – we visited there nearly two years ago and ell in love with the place. I feel quite homesick for it, even though I only was there for six weeks… so seeing wonderful photos from places I remember and places I didn’t get chance to visit  was the next best things to going there again. I also have special feelings for Iceland, and again there are some marvellous photographers, ordinary people and professionals who share spectacular images.

There are other places I have discovered – I follow a lot of photographers from Siberia –  an unbelievably enormous place with huge mountain ranges, vast grasslands, rivers, lakes, wetlands, forests… People with fascinating culture and costume and of course cuisine! Other areas of the world we only hear about when trouble falls upon them, and seeing beautiful photographs or beautiful places and people, people living ordinary and happy lives, really gives an optimistic feeling among all the clouds of gloom.

So, how do I use Instagram? Apparently, most people take pictures with their phones and cameras and upload them after selecting the best, or touching up and editing images. I just use the Instagram camera to take pictures and post them straight away – it becomes a sort of diary for me, a record of where I was and what I saw at that very minute. Sometimes I took pictures of quirky objects, sometimes places we were visiting, or reflections, or shadows,or trees, or bark, or lichen… just images I liked. I didn’t used to caption them, but then someone asked me in a nice way to do so, so I did.

I did have a link to my blog here on my profile but apart from saying I write, there was nothing more. Recently I have begun to wonder whether I should use Instagram in a different way… or maybe have another, different account in which I use images with a message, maybe with links to some of the things I write here, maybe to some of my books, maybe to my thoughts about writing… I have seen a couple of Instagrammers who share really interesting images and words too… So yes, maybe I’ll have a ponder and have a go!

This is a link to my Instagram:


PS my featured image is one which I used on Instagram… I’d just got out of the car and there was this snail shell on the lawn.

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