ROAR!!! a new magazine

As you may know, as well as my blog here, I share another with three friends. We have been writing together for a few years now and have published two anthologies ‘The Moving Dragons Write’, and just recently ’73: 1-25‘. We have now published a magazine entitled ROAR!!!

It is a collection of articles, reviews and poems and we hope it will appear four times a year. Here is one of the pieces which appear in it:

Before I left home, I’d read about the icebergs in this area; it seems the snow that formed the ice, fell on the Greenland icecap about 15,000 years ago so these ’bergs were not just monsters but very old monsters. As we moved out into the open sea it became rougher, the banging got worse so we slowed a little. Now we could see the sea cliffs and mountains of Ammassalik Island but not the entrance to King Olav’s Harbour.
As we got closer the waves died down; we changed course to enter the harbour. We could soon see Tasiilaq but we headed for a rocky ledge, not the jetty; the engine kept running to keep the bows against the shore as we unloaded onto the slippery rocks. We could hear the yowling of sled dogs chained up nearby, not a bark but a peculiar, hair-raising sound between a wolf howl and a cat yowl. This eerie sound brought it home – we were indeed in the Arctic.

From ‘Reykjavik to Tasiilaq © Richard Kefford

…and here is a review of an exceptional collection of poems:

Palimpsest of Ghosts by Macaque
In case you’re wondering, a palimpsest is ‘a manuscript or piece of writing material on which later writing has been superimposed on effaced earlier writing’; memory works like this, layers upon layers of forgotten and half-forgotten events and experiences, remembered and half-remembered people and faces.
Macaque’s anthology of poems, Palimpsest of Ghosts is a collection of moving and tender, bitter-sweet verses, writing which will touch all who have loved and been loved.
Many of the poems are about relationships, between lovers, friends, parents and children, but the imagery is vivid and intense. There is warmth and humour, wit and clever elegance in Macaque’s words.
These poems are about change and impermanence, about fading love and about new beginnings. His words will linger and the thoughts and emotions they evoke will loiter in our own thoughts.
Macaque’s book is available on Amazon.

You can find our magazine on the Moving Dragons’ Facebook page:

Here is a link to Macaque’s book:

…and here is a link to the Moving Dragons blog:


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