A Christmas tree competition

I didn’t realise but in our village of Uphill, over the last coupe of years there has been a Christmas tree decorating competition. We found out about it when we went to the Dolphin the other night and met up with our friends the two T’s. The Christmas decorations were up in the pub and I was admiring the rather eccentrically decorated Christmas tree. Tim told me about the competition – it’s the weekend when the annual family Christmas party is always held,, so no wonder we’ve missed it.

It seems that it’s groups rather than individuals who enter, such as the Beavers, the Women’s Institute, the Links Ladies Club and many others. There was the ambulance service tree decorated  with bandages, syringes and blue flashing lights. There was a more serious memorial tree with poppies and messages and then a magnificent one made from driftwood because of course we are by the sea.

The Dolphin tree was certainly unusual and very eye-catching. It was noticeable not just because of the flashing fairy lights but the strange item which graced the top of it, not a fairy or a star… but a plastic roast chicken! The Dolphin is renowned for it’s Christmas meals so they were celebrated on the tree with dried citrus fruit slices, gingerbread men and Christmas pudding baubles. However it was the chicken, which flashed an ominous green and red because it was perched on one of the fairy lights… It was certainly something to behold!!



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