Not writing today… or perhaps I will… later…

One of my most annoying characteristics – annoying to me more than anyone else, is being absent-minded and easily distracted. It’s always been the case, I’ve always been like it but when I was working I tried really hard to concentrate, finish tasks, plan properly, stay focused, not get sidetracked, not think about other things or have brilliant ideas… except of course, try as I might, I did concentrate more on the wrong thing than on the actual thing I was supposed to be doing, lose the plan (and sometimes the plot!) be focused on the wrong thing – and to be utterly and totally focused on that wrong thing, always got sidetracked into something much more interesting/exciting/amusing/silly, I was always thinking about a million other things, pursuing my brilliant (to me) ideas….

When reality caught up with me, without bragging, I did zap into a sort of super-mode and get things done, sort out my muddles, and achieve what I was supposed to… Believe it or not I actually became head of faculty at work… But that was at work. Now I live my perfect life where I can do pretty much what I please which is everything to do with writing, oh and reading… so writing groups, writing classes, writing my novels and my blogs – as well as  other things too. It’s like being a student all over again, except I don’t have to attend lectures!

However, it has come to a point, especially with both children living at home again, that muddle will not do! We are fortunate to have our own home, and fortunate  that it is quite roomy… except we do have a lot of stuff. My stuff is books, my fish in their tank, and things to do with writing… I don’t have a lot of clothes or shoes and certainly not handbags. Husband, on the other hand, has drum kits, guitars, painting/printing/drawing/photographic equipment, books, loads of clothes and shoes, hats and bags, and stuff (he has a lot of stuff) We both like cooking so we have a lot of cookery items (and recipe books… although they are mostly my recipe books)

So you can imagine that the house is pretty much bulging at the seams and I’ve decided that I will sacrifice a day of writing to do some tidying because to be honest it has come to a point where I can’t find things! I know what will happen, I will tidy, make a system and a plan, organise, be very pleased with myself… and then things will begin to unravel as the system begins to fail…

But no matter!! Today I will tidy!

My featured image is a severe looking man… I must imagine his accusing glare if I get side-tracked!


    1. Lois

      How interesting… they are so similar, aren’t they! The wooden man in my image is in a museum near here in the city of Bath, The American Museum. I wonder if he was made by Finnish people who had moved to the USA? Thanks again for the link!

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