Blowing my trumpet… just a little!

I’d like to do something really unusual for me, and that’s to promote my books… We were brought up to be modest and not brag and not show off, and talking about my books, trying to interest you in buying and reading them seems like bragging… On the other hand if I was an artist (I know grammatically it should be if I were) I would expect to have an exhibition of my work, and expect to sell what’s taken me hours and hours to produce. If I was a musician it would be the same, I’d expect to be paid to perform, and for people to buy my work. Why should I be self-deprecating about my stories, which lots have people have told me they enjoy, and about which I’ve had great feedback, and which I put in not just hours, but days, weeks and months of work… and in some cases working on a book has happened over several years?

So here goes with some bragging…


Flipside – a woman newly moving to a new job becomes involved with  a man disabled by PTSD… With her he is calm and controlled,  but is there a darker side, a violent and depraved side? Stalking, violence, murder…
night vision – a couple move to a new home trying to build a new relationship with each other; he is obsessively jealous without foundation, she discovers he has secrets from his past
The Double Act – a group of friends becomes targeted in what starts as petty acts of vandalism, but which soon escalates. A neighbour is arrested for kidnap and murder… but escapes…
Farholm  – a woman travels to the island home of her deceased husband trying to find the truth about him… and whether he was responsible for the deaths of several young women.
Loving Judah – a marriage begins to fail after the death of a step-son. The tumble-down house the couple live in becomes a nightmare, not the dream home they had imagined
Lucky Portbraddon – are the Portbraddon family really so lucky? Unexpected death, a descent into madness, sinister gangsters, betrayal and obsession…
The Stalking of Rosa Czekov – a stalker stalked

The Radwinter stories– genealogical mysteries and private investigations all taking place within  chaotic but happy, family life
Raddy and Syl
Beyond Hope
Winterdyke (summer 2019)

Books for reluctant readers – can read, won’t read
Run, Blue, Run!
– Blue goes on the run from three strangers dressed in black
Screaming King Harry
– Jo-Jo’s teacher Harry King is shot before her very eyes
The Story of Rufus Redmayne 
– Rufus’s grandma goes missing, and something evil is stalking Camel Wood, and ravaging pets and farm animals

The Moving Dragons Write (with Richard Kefford and John Watts) a selection of stories, poems and stuff about geology
73: 1-25 (with Richard Kefford) – a challenge to write blogs on 73 different subjects or genres… the first twenty-five
Writers in Stone (with the Kick Up the A**e writing group) – January 2019
Storm Across the West – and other places (with Richard Kefford, John Watts and Gillian Peall) – spring 2019

So You Want To Write…
So You Want To Write Your Family History…
So You Want To Write Some More…
So You Want To Write a blog…  2019

If you are inspired to buy these as a treat for yourself, or as the best gift ever for  friends or family (bragging again) then here is a link:

I hope you enjoy my stories, and I would be really grateful if you also left a comment on my Amazon page! Thanks! Happy festive season!

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