Another pub, another quiz

Many years ago, when the children were still at junior school, husband and I very rarely went out together as we had no-one to baby-sit. Being older parents we didn’t mind too much as we were delighted to have the children, but also we’d had a long time of being able to go out every night if we wanted! However, the times we were able to be out together were most appreciated and enjoyed.

We had a few magic years when both children had an activity on the same evening at the same time, karate, sea-cadets, guides, scouts, that sort of thing. That gave us a magic two hours kid-free! We had a circle of pubs which we could get to, have a swift pint and get back from in time to collect the children. It was rather fun to explore different places which we wouldn’t normally visit, even fleetingly. There were some once-only places (not many of them actually) quite a few of ok/pleasant/all right sort of places, and then a few which became regular haunts. One was the New Inn in the village of Kewstoke, just over the hill from Weston on the north side.

Kewstoke is in the shadow of an Iron Age fort on Worlebury Hill, and is along the bay from Woodspring Priory which was founded in the early thirteenth century. The priory was dedicated to St Thomas à Becket and founded by the grandson of Reginald Fitzurse who was one of the knights who murdered Thomas à Becket. , one of Becket’s murderers. The church in the village is  St Paul’s Church and in the 1840’s a reliquary was discovered there which supposedly came from the priory and contained the blood of the saint.

The New Inn in Kewstoke was a nice friendly pub back in the olden days when the children couldn’t be left alone at home. Now they’re grown up and they come with us!. We have become reacquainted with the pub because  husband’s sea shanty group, The Mutineers, meet there to rehearse. It seems that the night they rehearse there is also a fortnightly quiz, so another mutineer wife, the children and I went along to join the fun. It was a very different quiz from the one we’re used to – equally good, but different. There was a picture round and about nine other ten question rounds, so we had a busy night. The questions were divided into categories, history, sport, Christmas etc… There were five other teams, all with more members than us four… and do you know, we tied for first place!! It was such a friendly pub and such a nice atmosphere that we were delighted, but not surprised, that we were awarded the prize because we were ‘foreigners’!

I think we will be quizzing there again in the future, and no longer be foreign!

Lacking in pictures for my featured image of Kewstoke, the New Inn, the Priory, Worlebury Hill, I’m sharing seaweed as the pub is very near the sea!


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