Two plates of antipasto

We were out, daughter and I, and having done chores in one place, we had to go elsewhere for other things we had to do. Time had moved on so we decided to have lunch. We chose a well-known pizza chain because that’s what daughter liked, even though I knew I was going out this evening with husband’s ukulele group.. to an Italian restaurant.

I wanted a small something and didn’t want pasta or pizza, so i chose the antipasto because I do like that variety of different little things… would I like small or large, the waitress asked and sensibly I chose small because when it arrived I thought it looked very much like a larger serving! On the plate was ‘the perfect mix’ as the menu said, of cured meats, leaves and mixed marinated vegetables – sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, olives, there was buffalo mozzarella, served with flatbread, garlic butter and pestorissa… an absolute feast which I enjoyed very much. The flatbread was hot and crisp and crunchy, the mozzarella creamy, the tomatoes sweet, the pestorissa fiery but flavoursome, the garlic butter garlicy… I shall definitely have that again!

So this evening out husband and I went to meet with twenty or more of his ukulele group in a restaurant in town… I looked through the menu which was very inviting, but really I wasn’t in the mood for either pasta or pizza and I’m not really a fan of either… there was nothing which appealed on the main meal section, and there was only John Dory on offer for fish, and I wasn’t in a fishy mood… so I looked at the whole menu again… and there was antipasto! So guess what I chose! It was basically the same as lunch, but more meat and less other stuff, but tasty enough all the same… It was a nice, light option for an evening meal, especially with a glass of wine…


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