Happy birthday!

Not only is December 18th the anniversary of  the Battle of the Trebia when Hannibal’s Carthaginian forces defeat those of the Roman Republic, more recently it was the birth date of Stephen Spielberg… oh and my husband!

My husband was technically (and actually) born in Upper Norwood on Beulah Heights (also name of a brilliant book by Reginald Hill) however, he moved to Cornwall before he can remember and considers himself Cornish.. Since Cornwall he’s lived in Surrey, Oldham, and now in our little village of Uphill.

He’s a fine artist, a drummer, a husband and a dad – and is splendid at all those things! We’ve known each other for a jolly long time, been married for slightly less but still enjoy every moment together and have a lot (a jolly lot) of laughs!

Happy birthday!!


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