Unexpectedly to the pub

Thursday night isn’t usually a night we go down to the pub… we always go on a Tuesday to the quiz, we usually go on a Sunday to see our friends the 2 T’s, although sometimes other things happen on a Sunday which mean we are elsewhere. Sometimes we go down on a Friday or Saturday… but anyway, tonight, a Thursday night, we drifted pubwards.

We were at home… we’d just finished watching the Masterchef final (so exciting – best ever year for talented contestants) and I had come upstairs to write, and husband was downstairs writing to his Australian friend. Daughter was working late and son was at Brazilian jujitsu with his best friend. Daughter came home and had a late dinner and we were settled in for the evening…

Son and friend come home from wrestling in the dojo and having had a really hard work-out, decided they were going to the pub… it seemed unfriendly not to go with them!

We wandered down and Chris the barman with the best ever smile produced four pints of splendid Otter and we stood at the bar talking about all sorts of things…. As I recall we covered… drones, being in the army, beer, doing degrees, horse-riding, the Royal Marines, ships, education, beer, book club, mulled wine, the Royal Navy… and much, much more…

An unexpected but typical evening at the pub!

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