Twelve days of Christmas quiz, answers 1-6

For the book club Christmas quiz this year the questions were all about partridges, pears and Daphne du Maurier

Twelve days of Christmas quiz… the first six answers:

1 partridge in a pear tree
True or false: a chestnut-necklaced partridge comes from Thailand.  True
Which of these is NOT a variety of pear: Beth, Beurré Hardy, Joséphine de Malines, Sweet William? Sweet William

2 turtle doves
In which soap opera was Amy Turtle a character?  Crossroads
Dove products are made by which company – Unilever, Smith-Klein, Cadbury Schweppes? Unilever

3 French hens
A French polisher polishes what? Wood, particularly furniture
As well as being a female bird, what crustacea has a female hen? Lobster and crab

4 calling birds
Which band sang ‘London Calling’?  The Clash
Who wrote ‘The Birds’?  Daphne du Maurier

5 gold rings
Who wrote ‘Lord of the Flies’? J.R.R. Tolkien
What are the three volumes of Lord of the Rings’? The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers,  The Return of the King

6 geese a-laying
‘Papa Goose: One Year, Seven Goslings, and the Flight of My Life’ by Michael Quetting was the story of what? A man adopting orphaned goslings and teaching them to fly
‘Laying the Fire’ is a poem written by the previous Poet Laureate Andrew …? Andrew Motion

How did you get on? The last six questions tomorrow, swans a-swimming, maids a-milking, etc!


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