The Oxford, Totterdown, and seeing Peas

Where have I been tonight? A pub called The Oxford in Bristol and what a very fine pub it is too! We will definitely visit again, with, we hope, another driver who doesn’t drink – the Oxford has a fine range of beers but I was driving… so coke… nothing like beer… The pub is in an area of Bristol which we’ve never visited before, Totterdown which is, apparently, the site of the Aldebury Iron Age hill fort – now built over. It’s extremely hilly, but whether that is the reason it was called Totter-down, I’m not sure. Many of the houses were built in the nineteenth century as accommodation for workers on the nearby railway.

So why did we go to the wonderful Oxford in Totterdown this evening, why, it was to see The Peas. I’ve mentioned them before; they are a duo who are absolutely brilliant and if you have the chance to see them, give yourself a great treat and go and listen and enjoy their music. This is what their website says about them:

The Peas are the masters at taking your guilty pop pleasures from the 80s and 90s and giving them a classy reworking. From Rick Astley to The ‪Spice Girls‬ they have a set list that could make some people shudder but with a change of chords and a bluegrassy rock n rolling acoustic disco beat, the songs feel like new.  Musically intelligent, high tempo, whirling energy, they appeal to the watchers as well as the dancers.   Acoustic Guitar, Double bass, Foot Drums, Kazoos, beatboxing, mouth trumpets, super sweet harmonies and only two people.  You will come away not too sure what you have witnessed but feeling all the better for it.

We went with two friends who knew nothing about The Peas, in fact they thought they were my husband’s band… no, friends, that’s The Lemon Sharks. My husband has heard their music and seen some of their videos, but this was the first time live… everyone thought they were amazing and we had a really great evening.

Here is where you can find out about them:

…and here is a selection of videos:

…and here is one from that selection:



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