The quiz night that wasn’t

It must be difficult for places like pubs to work out what’s going on and how to staff regular events which fall over times like Christmas and New Year. Tuesday nights is always quiz night in the Dolphin, come hell or high water.. being a pub the former is sort of likely, and being a pub only a few inches above sea level by the coast, the second is even more likely.

Last week’s quiz didn’t happen, obviously, because it was Christmas Day, but there was a sort of promise of a quiz tonight, New Year’s Day, if sufficient people turned up. We were in the pub last night seeing in the New Year and several of us said cheerio, see you at the quiz, or made quiz-like remarks. After the witching hour – when we had gone out into the middle of the road and everyone linked hands to sing Auld Lang’s Syne, the landlord had said if we were in the pub tonight and there were enough people, there’d be a quiz…

We trotted down at our usual time, and before long our chums the ice-creams, and our other chums the South Africans arrived too… apart from the nine of us, there were few others. We were delighted when the door opened and a magician we know and his wife arrived… so we were up to eleven, and then Mike Scott, the inspiration for my 1950’s mystery story also arrived… were we quorate? We thought so; however, the only others in the pub beside the staff  was only one of the three T’s,, and a chap who used to have two Jack Russells but now doesn’t. They weren’t quizzing and the weary landlord decided not to hold the quiz.

Nothing daunted, the magician showed us a few tricks, and a few jokes were told, and then he introduced us to a very simple but enormously good fun game. We were split into two groups, four on either side of a long table. There was one coin held by one team, someone had it in their hand and everyone put their closed hands on the table. One of the other team had to try and guess where the coin was. it sounds so simple, and indeed it was… it was all about observation, judgement, knowing the other team and inspiration!

We had such a lot of fun, so much laughter, and also all the ordinary chat that goes on n a pub. Yes, a New Year’s Day to remember!

Oh and a conversation we had… really is this bloke for real? Or is it one elaborate joke?

My featured image is a robin, just hat a nice perky robin which was so bold I could get really close to him… nothing to do with the story..


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