Throw away year

A couple of years ago I decided I was going to make a real effort to get rid of stuff… even stuff I thought was precious and was hanging onto for no reason except that it was… well… er… precious…?? I decided to aim for one item a day, although sometimes there were more, for example when I went through my book-case and my CDs, but I would still count it as one. This did mean there were times when I had to actively hunt for things… I was strict… but I did it. They weren’t all necessarily my own things – I counted going through the kitchen drawers and going through the bathroom cupboards… and especially going under the stairs!

So I am going to do this again. Although I decided to do this yesterday, January 1st, I thought I would wait to a significant day to properly start because everything here is in such a post-Christmas, post New Year muddle and there’s a lot of different catching up to do, at home and with writing, and in various other things too. So not January 1st but January 12th and I’ve decided to try and document this by using Instagram. Last time I kept up with my progress here, and I will still do so from time to time.

So I wonder what the first item will be… I guess it depends which is the first room I tackle, and I think it has to be where I am writing now – in my little room because, honestly, it is in a great disarray!

My featured image is of the first item I cast out when I did this before, January 1st 2016; it was a dress and jacket which I absolutely loved. I loved the colour, the fabric, how I felt when I wore it, but after seeing many photos of me wearing it where it really was not at all flattering, I decided to be brave and let it go to someone else who might love it as I did but look as stunning in it as I imagined I did! I was proud of myself for being brave, but so sorry to see it go… I’d had it for a very long time, and worn it often… I wonder what will be first to go on January 12th!

Here is a link to my Instagram:

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  1. Andrew Petcher

    Gosh, throwing stuff away is so difficult. A couple of years ago we had to deal with a parents death and an elderly relatives house move. There was so much stuff to throw that we agreed that we must start immediately on getting rid ourselves. We have been moderately successful. We have a new rule – no holiday souvenirs!

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    1. Lois

      It’s so hard with stupid things from childhood which have so many associations and memories, but only to the person whose it was… they are really difficult to get rid of!


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