Creeping along, word by word

I seem to have come to an impasse with my writing… and I know that if I put it aside for a while and write something else I will find it even more difficult to get back into the swing of this story.

I guess if you’re a writer who has a plan or has roughed out your story chapter by chapter, incident by incident, then you just plod on to the next chapter or episode. My plan is rather more vague and perhaps may even be seen as haphazard. I find in most things planning in too detailed a way can be rather boring and doesn’t allow for the unexpected to take you somewhere you’d never thought of before. I guess although my books are fiction, I want in a way for their unfolding to be the way life unfolds, full of surprises – surprises for me as the writer, but more importantly for my readers. This doesn’t mean that once I’ve written the first draft I just leave it as that – I certainly don’t – in many ways that’s when the really hard work begins – most hard because editing is quite tedious, and yet you have to pay such close attention o what you’re doing, what you’re reading, and what you’re re-writing.

Quite often when I get to work on the rough uncut gem of a book (in my dreams – in my imagination all my books are sparkling jewels of a good read!!) Great chinks are excised – all stored, some to use later, some to be plundered for phrases and descriptions, most to get consigned to the bin. However that phase of writing is a few thousand words away yet. I have come to somewhat of a crunch point for my characters… the stage has been set and there have been the establishing scenes to develop the identities of the different people and start the different mysteries which have to be revealed by the end. There has not been much drama so far – plenty of discoveries, but no action… so this is to be the next bit… some action…

I lay awake last night thinking about different scenarios, different things which could unexpectedly happen… and I do have a few ideas…

My plans to go out were put on hold as the mist, instead of dissipating, returned and blanketed the world so even looking down from the library widow the ground was barely visible.

So the characters are trapped in the old house, miles from anywhere… what happens next?!!

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