A day in the kitchen

Unusually for me it’s past midday and I’m only just sitting down to write. I always have the intention to be neater and tidier, but somehow I get distracted by other things – in the time I’m not writing I mean. Usually it’s out of bed and writing, maybe have breakfast but that is rather a movable feast; if I’m going out (often to meet other writers or go to my writing groups) I get washed and dressed  and try not to deviate back to just finish off what I was doing.  Housework, I’m afraid does get pushed to the back of things, and washing up does sometimes, I confess, get somewhat left till later. One thing I’m always get done is washing the clothes and ironing, I’m always just about up to date on that… but everything else… I’m sure dear Ruth Drew who wrote ‘The Happy Housewife‘ would be in despair over me!
So what happened this morning which kept me from my cubby hole? I decide that the kitchen needed sorting out, meals for the next couple of days needed preparing, soup from some stock I was simmering needed making, and as it was going to be a fine day with a light breeze, washing needed to go in the machine and then outside.

There are five of us in the house at the moment, and over my birthday weekend when a special, very special meal was cooked for me, a lot of pans, plates, bowls, dishes, tools, implements, cutlery, pots… well, just about every item in the kitchen it seemed. So I donned an apron, rolled up my sleeves and set too… but it seemed the more I dd the more there was to do. As i chopped and prepared the vegetables more waste was generated – ok it was all recycled, but there it was, blenders were used, several pans were needed, different knives were employed. things fell on the floor and had to be swept up and the floor washed, surfaces wiped, things washed, dried, put away…

I took a break to get the washing out of the machine to put on the line, and as I approached the back door I realised it was arraign, not a bit of drizzle, but full-on rain… I confess I just left the washing in its basket to deal with later…

So this, in brief, is why I’m only sitting down now!



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