Meeting your characters

I mentioned that in my recent writing group, someone had used my suggestion of a mystery or puzzle, and written about an author who unexpectedly, while having a full English fry-up in his local greasy spoon, who’s joined at his table by a familiar looking stranger. The man introduces himself, as one of his own characters from the book he is at present writing! It was a great story, but slightly creepy… and it got me wondering what it would be like to meet one of my characters. They seem so real to me as I’m writing them, but would i recognise them if I met them again?

In my first published book ‘Farholm‘, the main character is Deke who is in the deepest depression, blighted by bereavement. I think if I had met her on Farholm Island where the story takes place, I would have found her introverted and rather distant, polite, but not ready to engage. If I didn’t know about her loss, I think I’d just think her prickly and probably not want to get to know her. However, if I had met her before the terrible event which just about broke her, I think I would have liked her and definitely would have liked to go out and about with her – to a club, to a pub, something active and fun! The other main character, Michael is a man who has tragedy in his life – which is what eventually draws him and Deke together – but only as friends, there is no romance,. He’ an angry man and I think I might have been intrigued by him, even perversely attracted, but I would have no desire to get to know him any better. One of the minor characters, although he does play a significant part, is the policeman investigating the crime, Sean; I think I would get on well with him and definitely find him fun to chat to… if I was the same age as him, I think I might be quite keen to get to know him better!

In the second book I published, ‘The Stalking of Rosa Czekov’.,there are two main characters – Rosa who we only hear about from her family and friends and Tyche, her cousin. Rosa is quiet and introverted, and actually very secretive; no-one really knows her or knows what she is thinking. I think I might be intrigued by her at first meeting, but then, like most others, find her dull, uninteresting and almost defensive. Her cousin Tyche is the exact opposite, physically and in every other way.  Rosa is almost dowdy, pale, slightly plump, and so quiet she could almost be forgotten. Nobody could forget Tyche! She’s slim, strong, energetic, a show-off, an attention-seeker, and has a really crazy side to her which others find alarming and almost frightening, she is so unpredictable. I’m sure I’d be put off by Tyche’s manner and behaviour, and become irritated by her flamboyance… However, if I was a stranger meeting them, and not me the writer, I would have no idea that neither of them are the least bit as they seem, and Tyche also has secrets and conceals much about herself!

If you want to know more about Deke and Michael, and discover why they are on Farholm Island, then here is a link to my book – you can read the first couple of pages and ten there is an option to buy it (please!!):

If you want to find the true story of Rosa and Tyche, then here is a link and again there is the option to get your own copy

Please let me know what you think!! Kindly criticism is helpful and appreciated!


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