Friend love and over-goers

Yesterday, after my Saxish group get-together, I wondered if  you could guess what these words mean:

  • hleahtor
  • frēond-lufu (FRAY-ond-luv-uh).
  • cnotta (K’NOT-ta)
  • ofer-genga (OV-er-YEN-ga)
  • mynet (MUH-net)
  • wægn (WAYN)
  • mūs (MOOS)

… and some tricky ones:

  • īdel-gilp (EE-dell-yilp)
  • scearp-sīne (SHAY-arp-SEE-neh)
  • hēaðu-sigel (HAY-ah-thuh-SI-yell)

Here are the answers

  • hleahtor : laughter; an instance of laughter a laugh an outburst or peal of laughter.
  • frēond-lufu : friendship love. (FRAY-ond-luv-uh).
  • cnotta : a knot fastening knitting. (K’NOT-ta)
  • ofer-genga : one who goes over or beyond a traveller. (OV-er-YEN-ga)
  • mynet n.n: a coin; coinage money. (MUH-net)
  • wægn : a wagon wain carriage vehicle. (WAYN)
  • mūs : a mouse. (MOOS)
  • īdel-gilp n.n: vainglory vain pride or pomp; idle boasting. (EE-dell-yilp)
  • scearp-sīne adj: sharp-sighted. (SHAY-arp-SEE-neh)
  • hēaðu-sigel : the sun (lit. sea-sun perhaps from seeing the sunrise or set over the sea). (HAY-ah-thuh-SI-yell)
  • I particularly like frēond-lufu – friend-love,, ofer-genga – over goer, and the three tricky one, īdel-gilp – idle-yelp, scearp-sīne – sharp-seeing, and most of all, hēaðu-sige – the lovely idea of the sight of teh sun setting or rising over the sea. We get plenty of hethu-sige here in Weston!!

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