Message to Martha… or was it Michael?

My sister and I were watching TV and we heard the melody of the song ‘Message to Martha’ which neither of us had heard for a very long time. In fact it was such a long time we couldn’t remember who sang it. Obviously lots of people have sung it over the years, but who sang the one we remembered?

In fact, it was Adam Faith, and probably it was the one we remembered because Adam Faith had been one of my mum’s favourite singers. Born in 1940, he was one of the most popular singers in the 60’s before the Beatles and Stones and other groups who became world famous. His first hit was ‘What do you want’, and he went on to have many others, including ‘Poor me’ and of course, ‘Message to Martha’. in 1965 He went into movies and then music management, but died in 2003.

It seems the song was first written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David  as ‘Message to Michael’ but was first recorded with the Martha version in 1962 by Jerry Butler. it also seems to have been sung as ‘Kentucky Bluebird’ and Marlene Dietrich sang it in German,  Kleine Treue Nachtigall’ – ‘Faithful little nightingale’. Lou Johnson recorded it with the bluebird title, but in the USA the Michael version by Dionne Warwick is the most well-known.

Here’s my mum’s favourite:

I have no images of bluebirds, so here’s a seagull!




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