Chasing an ear-worm

I’m not sure where I heard it, maybe in an advert, maybe as incidental music in a film or on TV, but I’ve been haunted by a song entitled ‘You and Me’. I’ve tracked it down and its by a Swedish band I’ve never heard of, the Wannadies, Their song, ‘You and me’ was released in 1994 and became a hit two years later.

How did I ever know it, because I had my daughter in 1994 and spent the next few years not listening to much music, too busy with my two children… I know it, I guess like a lot of people because it was in the   Baz Luhrmann film,  Romeo + Juliet. It has been featured in various adverts, but why it’s in my head at the moment, I have no idea.

I’m not sure the band still exist, they have been through troubled times with the usual difficulties bands go through, fights, fall-outs, jealousies, record labels and management letting them down. They were from Skellerfteå in Sweden and comprised of Par Wiksten, Christina Bergmark, brothers Fredrik and Stefan Schöenfeldt, Gunnar Karlsson and Björn Malmqvist.

So here’s the song… I wonder if it will be an ear-worm for you too:


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