Old friends, good friends…

My mum’s best friend became my god-mother when i was born; they had met at secondary school, their first day at the best school in town – they were ordinary girls who won scholarships and their friendship lasted for ever. They married and were each other’s bridesmaids, when my ‘aunty’ moved to different places, Haworth, Wiltshire, Australia, Ilkley, they wrote long letters to each other. My aunty had two children and they became like cousins to me and my sister, a boy and a girl.

I always kept in touch with my aunty, even after my mum died, but lost touch with the cousins although I always heard their news. Sadly my aunty’s husband died and I went along to the funeral. Although sad times, funerals can also be a time of happy memories, stories and tales of the past. They are also renowned for times people meet who haven’t seen each other for years and years… and so it was with my cousins!

I barely recognised them, but it was wonderful to meet up again after so long – since we were teenagers I think.  I was invited back to the home and my cousin’s wife offered to come in my car to direct me. I had never met her before but we hit it off straight away, and really liked each other.

Back home, now we had met up, we kept in touch and we began to visit them in Wiltshire, and they came to see us in Somerset. They had two daughters who were older than our children, lovely girls, and they became ‘cousins’ too – even though we are not actually related at all. We always made a point of meeting sometime over the Christmas period to exchange little gifts and play games and enjoy a festive time together. A couple of years ago we went on a wonderful holiday together and had such fun.

For some reason – busy lives, a new grandchild for them, holidays in distant places, Tasmania for us, Chile and Peru for them, we somehow haven’t met up for a while. We were delighted to hear from them last week to say they were in the area if we were at home. Of course we were! We actually met in Weston on the sea front and had a lovely walk together, catching up on our news.

It was wonderful to be with them again, and we could hardly believe it had been such a while since we had last met! That is the amazing thing about real friends, the years and distance don’t matter! Now we’re looking forward to seeing them again soon!

My featured image is from Bedfordshire where we went on holiday together… here are some more images:


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