Magnetic poetry

I was given a magnetic poetry kit for my birthday… I keep miss-typing and writing ‘magentic’ instead of magnetic, maybe I’ll call the poems i create magentic poems…  In case you don’t know, a magentic poetry kit is  a collection of ‘ hundreds of carefully selected magnetic tiles ready to install on your fridge or any steel surface. Poetry will almost magically emerge as you arrange the words into phrases, with results ranging from the bizarre to the profound… sure to provide many hours of silent musing, earnest discussion and riotous laughter.

Rather than use the fridge, I decided to buy a brand new metal baking sheet, which is now beside me with various words, randomly scattered – spray, her. could, wind, petal, go we, ask, etc. Already I’m seeing something in those random words I’ve written… spray, wind, petal… something could come from that!

I was beginning to play with another collection last night, she bitterly crushes… rose.. scream.. but shine on moon… sea scream…  I’m not sure where this might go, the idea of the sea and roses, and someone who’s overwhelmed with bitterness, screaming at the moon… It’s early days with my creativity, but I’m looking forward to ‘many hours’ of magentic magic!

Here is my first proper attempt… it’s about a woman who works in a hand-car wash… totally imagined, but I can see her clearly:

Car-wash Lady

Blow, spray,
Lather her lie
and never reveal
some raw, drunk, beauty.

Not very good, I know, but it’s a real spur to imagination!



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