Sometimes you just want a nice easy read

I must be a glutton for punishment as I belong to three book clubs, one meets the first Sunday of the month, one meets the first Thursday of the month and one reads on a Wednesday when all the members are available! The Thursday group is the history club so some of the books we have read have been quite weighty. The Sunday group also read a weighty book, Middlemarch by George Elliot, which I think only two of us actually finished (I confess, I didn’t finish!)

In between that, I like to read books I’ve chosen for myself; the last two I read were ‘An Inconvenient Death: How the Establishment Covered Up the David Kelly Affair’  by Miles Goslett, ‘Lies Sleeping’  the latest Rivers of London book by Ben Aaronovitch, and ‘The Girl in the Moss’  by Loreth Anne White. I enjoyed the first two, but they were quite complicated so I had to really concentrate, the last I didn’t enjoy so much but wanted to find out the answer to the mystery so ploughed on.

Now I’m reading a book which is keeping me entertained, keeping me reading long after my bed-time, and yet is what you might call ‘light reading’. I’m gripped, intrigued and interested – it’s set in Singapore which I visited many, many years ago and fell in love with. I stayed there for three weeks, but I guess it has completely changed now. The book is by an American writer, Jake Needham, and is called ‘The Ambassador’s Wife. The main character is a half-Chinese half-American detective called Sam Tay and starts with a very strange murder in a top hotel.

I’m pretty sure that when I finish it I will read another book by Needham, and I have plenty to choose, three more with Sam Tay, and another series with a main character called Jack Shepherd… I think I’ve got some good bed-time reading lined up!

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