A perfect place to write

This was an exercise for the MOOC (massive open on-line course) that I’m doing in writing fiction.

Picture your best venue (for writing) – imagine two different places for writing – one that seems most suited to you, and one that you would find bizarre or too difficult.

This is what I wrote:

I’ve been thinking about the question, what is the perfect place to write… I guess I’m not that fussy except that for practical reasons, using a computer means I need a table to have it on and a chair for to be on. If I had a flat something to put a laptop on, and a chair which would accommodate me and it – I have short legs so small lap – then I could do without a table. It wouldn’t be ideal, because there are things I need, mostly bits of paper, but also photos, notebooks and so on.. oh and definitely somewhere for a mug or two for coffee and/or tea.
Do I need a particular environment? I’m not sure I really do – I’m pretty tolerant of noise unless it’s irritating in some way, particular singers, canned music on TV, droning noises… but even then if I’m writing I can pretty much ignore them.
There are various books I need, and it’s good to have them within arm’s reach, and a printer occasionally. Do I want pictures or anything else on the wall? Not particularly, although I do have lots of pictures here where I write. Do I need objects or totems or particular items of significance… not really, although looking round now, I have collected a lot of random stuff…

I only wrote half of it.., I didn’t write about somewhere it would be difficult to write, because to be honest I can’t imagine anywhere – unless it was in the dark, or I was too cramped to get my pen/pencil to my paper. In that situation I would write in my head – I do  a lot of that actually, especially when I’m stuck on something, or I need to go to bed for an early start.  I don’t particularly need notes to refresh myself when it comes to putting it on paper – what’s in my head is like a movie and i just write down what I ‘see’!

This MOOC, run by the Open University is in its fifth out of eight weeks, so it would be a little difficult (but not impossible) to join now. However, it’s being run again in September, and here’s a link:

… a perfect place to write, by running water!



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