Passionate about poetry… and open mic…

I was passionate about poetry when I was younger, in fact through my teens and early twenties I would have said I was a poet rather than someone writing fiction. Somehow my creativity in poetic form slipped away, maybe as other writing took over – however my love of poetry never died, and when I was teaching , particularity in the PRU (pupil referral unit) I loved sharing it, and was excited and gratified at the amount of poetry the young people wrote themselves.

Now in my writing groups I’m delighted there are poets who share their work; it’s reawakened my love of looking at new forms and new ways of expression, rather than just returning to my old favourites. I have had a bit of a potter with writing poems, which I’ve shared here, but I’ve not got properly into it… still dipping my toes, and paddling in the shallows.

There is a lively local poetry scene and a month ago I went to an open mic night called WordMustard at an excellent pub in town and listened to an array of fine words from a variety of poets with different styles, and as well as my friend the poet Macaque, a guest from Birmingham, a brilliant guest, Saili Katebe, He’s been described as a poet, writer and spoken word artist, and often writes as The Blissful Nomad. There was another session a couple of nights ago, and the place was packed. There were twelve local poets who shared their words, and the guest was Melanie Branton. She was excellent, funny, moving, thought-provoking. She has published two collections of her work, My Cloth-Eared Heart( and Can You See Where I’m Coming From?,

You can find her on WordPress:

As well as Melanie, as I mentioned other poets got up to read there work, which I think is amazingly courageous and I’m not sure I ever would, even if I’d written some. There were poets of all ages, and with all sorts of styles, and many had very moving stories behind their words. My friend Elizabeth got up for the first time and read several of her poems – things she had written when young, but so polished, so accomplished, so-well read,  so well-written. I can’t wait to hear/ read more from her. Macaque shared some new work, as well as one he wrote as we were waiting for things to start! I was extremely flattered, and thrilled that he had used images from something I’d written and produced a most marvellous poem, wonderful! I must say I was probably resembling a Cheshire cat as I was listening… Light through trees on water…

If you live in the Weston-super-Mare area, WordMustard happens regularly, at the Duke of Oxford in the town. I’m not sure the date of the next, probably the second of May

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