… and at quiz night tonight…

Pub quiz and I galloped down, slightly late for various reasons. At the bar were Taz and Nick or Tony… I think it was Nick, but it might have been Tony. Tony or Nick, whichever wasn’t there when I arrived, came soon after. There was a bunch of friendly strangers from Yorkshire just leaving, telling Taz what a good pub/good beer/good food it was as I ordered my pint. I had a brief chat to Taz and team-mate and then our friends the P.J.s, purveyors of the finest ice-cream in the west of England, if not the whole of England, arrived.

We sat down and caught up with each other’s news and before long our fairly recent team-mates, Richard the magician and June the Spanish speaker arrived and joined us. We’d only been there ten minutes or so when Scott (aka Mike) a friend of ours and Louise another friend of ours joined us and, pens at the ready, we were all set,

Round one passed in a flash and we didn’t do too badly considering how obscure some of the questions were. At the break between rounds, I was sitting chatting, and I looked around… people next to me were talking to the next team, another team member was talking to Taz at the bar, someone else was also talking to Tim’s team… Marvellous. We only met our friends the ice-creams through quizzing, ditto the magician, Taz and his Nick/Tony team, Scott and Louise.

How amazing is this pub thing! We enjoy puzzling over the quiz and occasionally we win; however, we have met so many great people and made so many really good friends…

That is the whole point of pubs!


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