Dragons walk into the past

My two writing chums and I have been going on walks together, to find inspiration, to explore new thoughts and ideas, to trigger stories, poems, other pieces… We are collectively the Moving Dragons and today our dragon walk, the third we’ve undertaken, was heading up a hill to the site of an ancient and very significant hill fort overlooking the seaside town of Weston-super-Mare. The juxtaposition of the modern holiday town and the ancient encampment was somewhat blurred by a light mist which hung around the promontory.

This is what Historic England says about Worlebury Hillfort, where we prowled today:

The large multivallate hillfort on Worlebury Hill is an outstanding example of its class. It survives well and is known from excavations to contain archaeological and environmental information relating to the monument and the landscape in which it was constructed and later reused. This example is unusual in terms of its location as hillforts on this scale are rarely situated on coastal promontories. This hillfort is one of a number of well-preserved examples surviving in the area. Together, these will provide a detailed insight into Iron Age society in the area, its economy and the political and social structure of which it was a part.

One of our number is a geologist so it was fascinating not only to see what was now growing on this unique place, not only what early people had constructed (deep stone line pits, defensive walls) but what lay beneath. None of us had much knowledge of natural as opposed to actual history so we would look at tiny blue flowers and wonder if they were speedwells also know as birds eyes, or red things and think they might be campion, or ponder on the purple things which looked so like violets were so when we thought they should be woodland plants…

We looked at the colours, we listened to the birds, we allowed our imaginations to wander as we were. My thoughts, for example were focused on the people who had lived here in early times, before Rome was even a tiny village, and the people who followed, and even the people who misguidedly decided to plant tress on this ancient site, trees which now are being removed – yes, I love trees, I’m passionate about trees, but these are in the wrong place. Meadows full of wild flowers will replace them!

I have my thoughts about what to write, inspired by our morning, I wonder what my friends will produce?

My image is of a mysterious tree from the hill.

Unfortunately not all visitors are as careful as we were


    1. Lois

      How wonderful… they are so tiny you have to get right down on your hands and knees to smell them! They smell lovely, unlike the artificial smell and taste of scents and perfumes… and as for Parma violets… bleagh!


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