Say what you mean

I saw a quote the other day from Stephen King the great American writer. Stephen was born to a very ordinary family in 1947; his dad was a sailor who abandoned the family when Stephen was only two and Stephen later changed his name to King. He was brought up in quite straightened circumstances with his mother working hard to look after her two children, and later her own parents in their old age. So he had no particular privileges, no-one to support him with financial aid, helpful contacts, or influence… just an ordinary boy, teenager, young man who became a writer… just like any child, teenager, young person might be able to do. His sold his first story when he was twenty, and kept writing and selling stories while he was trying to find a position as a teacher. He became a teacher (like so many of us) and began submitting his short stories and beginning to write novels. His fourth novel was Carrie… the first of his novels to be published…

I haven’t read many of his novels, they are not a genre I’m a particular fan of, but the books I have read are so gripping, the characters so believable, the situations so horribly imaginable. What strikes me is that he is an ordinary person with an extraordinary talent, and great determination and writing stamina. In many ways – although he had early and deserved success, he really is no different from most people. He’s written a great deal about writing, and is full of common sense and practical ideas on how to write better.

So what was the quote I saw?

 Say what you mean. Say what you see. Make a photograph, if you can, for the reader. 

My featured image is of a photo… a mystery photo… my grandma on the left, my aunty on the right, and the mysterious Mrs hart in the middle… I have tried my best to find out who she was… I’ll have to write a story explaining who she might have been!

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