A dog’s tail… sad story with a happy ending

Last night is twas the bi-monthly quiz at the New Inn in the nearby village of Kewstoke. Most of the teams were regulars to the quiz, and although we don’t know them very well yet, they’re all friendly nice people. One of the regulars is a great big fluffy dog, rather elderly, but very sociable and loves coming round to be patted and fusses.

I hadn’t really noticed by my daughter pointed out that he had no ears – I’d not noticed because he is so hairy, but apparently some very cruel person in a former life had cut them off. Can you imagine anything more horrible? We then learned that the poor beast had also had his tail cut off as he was used as a fighting dog – which is so barbaric. He’s such a big gentle, friendly soul, I can’t imagine him ever fighting – how sorely he must have been provoked.

His kindly owner now treats him like a prince, and he is the most lovable, soft creature very sociable and engaging. While the quiz is going on he just lies in a big, sleepy heap, like a big hairy hearthrug. When he was rescued he was believed to be about six years old because he was so thin, but as he was. loved and looked after and recovered, it was realised he was probably about four years older.

I know nothing about the circumstances of his former life or anything about the monsters who mistreated him so badly, but it’s just lovely to see he is now happy and well-looked after… a bit spoiled too, which he deserves.

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