Introducing Lewis Starfhott

I’m giving a talk about writing to our local family history society, and i was very pleased that they dropped a little advert into our local paper. I’m going to be talking about writing which I’m passionate about, and in particular how it came about that I started writing genealogical mysteries.

I’ve been tracing my family’s history for years now – not quite at the same level and with the same expertise as the Weston and District Family History Society, who are hosting my talk. For several years I’d thought about writing something about a fictional character tracing their ancestry, just in the ordinary way that I have done; I thought it might inspire people who think genealogy is a little intimidating as well as being a novel which engaged and interested them!

So the idea of writing – not a genealogical mystery, but something with a character coincidentally investigating their background as other plot lines developed around them had been with me for quite a while. Coincidentally, so had another story I wanted to write, one about three brothers… I had these characters, the eldest a rather severe vicar, the middle one a bit of a rascal, and the youngest a dreamy, kind, creative and slightly wacky man.

Somehow these two things came together, and another brother arrived, the youngest who was timid and shy and lacking in confidence, married to a young harridan… these became the Radwinters. Little did I realise that the first book I wrote, the eponymous Radwinter, would have a sequel, would become a trio, a quartet, quintet, sextet and now has number seven hanging about in the wings.

So going back to the title of this post… Lewis Starfhott? The talk was advertised with me speaking under my married name, which I assure you is not Starfhott – and not at all like it, and the Lois had been mis-spelled as Lewis… I must admit I did laugh quite a lot! Then I got to thinking what an odd and wonderful name Lewis Starfhott is… maybe he should be my nom-de-plume, my feather name, maybe he should be a new character in a completely new book… Hmmm, I must think about Lewis Starfhott!

If you haven’t yet read my Radwinter novels, here’s a link:


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