Veg on the wonk

Whenever we’ve grown vegetables at home we’ve been so delighted that we’ve eaten them with relish, hardly noticing their shape or size – unless there’s one which is particularity comical for some reason. When we go shopping for vegetables we choose ones which look undamaged, clean, as ripe as we want, good value, not too expensive… but I’m not sure we’d ever reject one which was not perfectly shaped – unless it was so knobbly that it might be wasteful to prepare it.

However, some people – apparently want perfect looking fruit and vegetables, as if their unconventional shape has anything to do with flavour. It seems incredible that millions of items of perfectly good produce are wasted every day, just thrown away because of what they look like. How ludicrous is that? Who cares what shape the tomatoes were if the soup is delicious? How do you know what the peppers were when they’re chopped up in a salad, or the carrots sliced in a stew? It’s nonsensical, mad!

However (another however) some shops have taken the initiative to sell so called wonky vegetables and fruit cheaper! Hurrah! I’m all for saving money and not wasting things! i know Morrison’s and Lidl have wonky veg, and I’m sure other retailers do too! I am very fond of courgettes – I know they are supposedly easy to grow but we didn’t have any success, and for some reason they are quite expensive, so imagine my delight when i came across a net of wonky courgettes in Morrison’s – for only £1:50!! They were beside a box of pretty, boring courgettes which were much more expensive – same veg (technically a fruit) but priced on looks… there must be some analogy there somewhere…

Here’s a list of UK stores where you can buy veg on the wonk:


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