What day did you say it was?

I always have been absent minded, not concentrating, thinking of something else, not listening properly, being in a dream – in fact my parents called me ‘Dilly Dream’… and I never realised why! As a child I’d lose things, go to the wrong place at the wrong time, end up somewhere i didn’t know where because I was thinking of something else, my mind wandering goodness knows where…

When I left home I was living with other people doing the same thing as I was – studying, attending classes, going to the pub, so in a way it didn’t happen as much, except with some of the assignments i would not write the correct title, or wander away from the subject and write about something completely different, or I would go to the library and borrow the wrong book,

I became a teacher and although I could remember loads of things, especially students going back years, and incidents which had happened, and all about the subjects i was teaching, I still did have the odd slip up. It wasn’t so bad when I was in a big school, with bells ringing to change lessons, but once I was in a position where everything was a little more flexible, that’s when my lack of concentration sometimes caused difficulties – not turning up to meetings I had called, misremembering exam dates, going to the wrong place to meet colleagues from other schools… fortunately nothing which affected the students, or caused them any difficulty!

So now I no longer have a day job, so there is no schedule or timetable to guide what I have to do, and strangely I have become almost paranoid about missing appointments or being late. I guess because so many days are free for us to do whatever we like, there are no timetables or schedules, just occasional dates on the calendar. Mostly all is well… but occasionally there are muddles…

Last week I thought I was running a pub quiz… messaged a friend who said I wasn’t, not that date but another…. messaged a man who knows who messaged back the correct date… wrote four rounds for the quiz… Today I began to finish off the quiz and messaged friend again to say I was almost done… she messaged back.. it wasn’t this week it was next week… OK… looked for the rounds I’d written… they have vanished, goodness knows where… husband was going to meet same friends to do an impromptu singing gig at pub… he tells me I’m mistaken, it’s tomorrow night so we arrange to go to a new Japanese restaurant… friend rings up, husband is supposed to be singing tonight after all… we go to Japanese restaurant, and then to pub to sing…


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