Tidying the garage

Our car is never in the garage… like many if not most people, the garage is a storage area, mainly in our family for drums. My husband has his kit in there… and his spare kit… and several other odds and ends of drumming equipment and drums. Garden equipment, tools, ladders, tents… and things we’re storing for our children until they move from home, plus all the other paraphernalia of life, plus things we’re keeping which we don’t otherwise know what to do with,.

We did amazingly well – we threw away a lot of rubbish (all into recycling) we have piles of stuff to take to charity shops and charity bookshops, We tidied and rearranged and organised and  we’ve made room in the garage for other stuff, more stuff… we really felt we made progress. We also found some treasures… some things we had just forgotten about, a tea-set belonging to my great-grandmother for example,but other things which I thought had disappeared forever.

Among the items which we had thought were lost we found the spurs and field canteen of my grandfather – he served in both the first and second world war. The canteen was dated 1917., and the spurs he would have used I guess throughout the time he served. The canteen contained a small primus stove and mug which actually didn’t look as if it had been used,and looked as if it was something he had bought not army issue. At the other end of the scale of being historic and interesting to all, to personal and not really interesting to anyone but me, was a little dish I had made in my first pottery lessons at secondary school when I was eleven. It was lozenge shaped and a leaf was pressed into the clay and then something – is it slip? – pored on top so when the dish was fired it ended up with a leaf shape showing. I’m amazed I still have it, I thought it had long gone. The tea-set belonging to my great-grandma, which had been a gift to her from a friend, was Royal Doulton, but earthen-ware so not of great value to anyone but me – and it is of great value to me! I


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