An evening walk

We’ve been trying to be a little more active and go round the village most evenings for a walk. The trouble is, it’s a small village, we’ve lived here a long time, and although there is plenty of interest, occasionally it would be nice to go somewhere else, not too far away. We do vary our walks by going clockwise or anti-clockwise, by going down to the beach or along over the hill and back along the main road, or exploring small cul-de-sacs – just to look at the different style houses.

This evening we went into Weston and parked at the far end of town and walked back along the sea front towards the Grand Pier but approaching it from the north. As we parked the lifeboat people were just finishing a practice, and were there all dressed in their bright yellow gear and looking a little windswept. We talked about this and that as we walked along, looking at dogs running on the beach, We admired the people who jogged past us and took photos of some of the little boats pulled up on the sand.

The Pier looked great, bathed in the last of the sunshine, and even though the water was not blue, it appeared a little less brown than usual. Weston is on the Bristol Channel and upstream the River Severn and the River Avon discharge into the sea, so although technically clean, it looks muddy and not very enticing.

We passed the Pier and walked on further before crossing over and walking back on the other side of the Princess Royal Square, looking at the menus of various restaurants. It amazed us the number of spelling mistakes we found. No excuse for advertising ‘raditional reek dish..’ or ‘grillied tomatoes and fired onions’. There was also ‘Mac and’ but it didn’t say and what – although we guessed it was mac and cheese!

Wandering back to where we had parked and we saw the moon rising over the town, looking huge as it hung on the horizon. Turning our back on it and there was there sun just setting. it was a beautiful balmy evening and we enjoyed our pleasant walk… just wishing there was somewhere we could have bought an ice-cream!

Can you see the moon above the Winter Gardens?

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