The quiz what I wrote

Every other Sunday night we go to the New Inn in the small Somerset village of Kewstoke and join in the quiz. Last night it was my turn to actually write and do the quiz and yesterday I shared round one. Here are the answers:

Collective nouns

  1. a colony of bats:
  2. a swarm of bees:
  3. a caravan of camels:
  4. a murder of crows:
  5. a school of fish:
  6. a gaggle of geese:
  7. a tower of giraffe:
  8. a troop of kangaroos:
  9. a pride of lions:
  10. a barrel of monkeys:
  11. a pack of mules:
  12. a parliament of owls:
  13. an unkindness of ravens:
  14. a dray of squirrels:
  15. a knot of toads:

… and here is Round Two:

The New Inn Kewstoke – quiz
Round 2


  1. Who lived at 221b Baker Street London?
  2. What was the name of Ian Rankin’s detective, played on TV by John Hannah and Ken Stott?
  3. Which American state was policed by Steve McGarrett, Danny Williams, Chin Ho Kelly, and Kono Kalakaua?
  4. What was the name of Dashiel Hammet’s American detective – a clue, his surname is a garden tool
  5. In which country was the TV series ‘Bony’ set, the main character being Napoleon Bonaparte – known as Bony?
  6. Which twelfth century detective monk was created by Ellis Peters and was played by Derek Jacobi on TV?
  7. What was Miss Marple’s first name?
  8. From which country did Hercules Poirot originate?
  9. Which TV detective lived in a windmill and created magic tricks?
  10. In which English city did Morse live and work? For a bonus, what was his first name?
  11. Which TV detective sucked lollipops?
  12. In which TV series would you see Donald ‘Ducky’ Mallard, and for a bonus, which 1960’s TV series did he star as Ilya Kuryakin?
  13. Which Swedish detective was created by novelist Henning Mankell and portrayed by various Swedish and British actors?
  14. Which grumpy detective did David Jason portray on TV?
  15. Which animal gives its name to a series of films about Inspector Clouseau?
  16. In which city was Z-cars set?
  17. Who most recently played the part of Maigret for TV films?
  18. On which Scottish islands does Ann Cleeve set her detective stories, with the main character Jimmy Perez, also seen on TV?

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