Cloud to cloud

It was a slightly quiet but otherwise very enjoyable quiz at the Dolphin last night – quiet in terms of numbers only. Tim’s team was up to strength in their usual place on the first tables in the first bar, Taz and team were at the bar, Nigel’s crew were in the cross-benches, and my team was reduced to our South African friends, daughter, dog and me – the ice-creams and the magician and wife weren’t with us. Mike Scott’s team was… Mike Scott, He took over reading out the questions which he did in his usual hilarious style so the landlord could take the opportunity to join Nigel’s team. He reported that the teams in the what you might call the ports’ bar or the public bar were all hilariously drunk – and we did actually hear their raucous enthusiasm.

After the first round my team mates left me, tired South Africans to head for home and daughter had to be up early the next day so headed home with dog. All was well, though, and I continued as a solo until husband arrived from his band practice. The quiz ended and time was called and people began to drift away. We were chatting to Mike and among the last to leave; as we stood outside saying cheerio the sky lit up. Good gracious! Was it a fireworks display? Was it some distant lightening? We heard no thunder… and then again the sky was bright almost as day – no forking, no sheeting, no thunder, now ind or rain – just illumination!

I’d never seen anything like it! This silent display.

“It’s cloud to cloud lightening!” exclaimed Mike Scott. “That’s very unusual and rare!”

I’d never heard of it, and as husband and I went home the sky was riven with extraordinary events. Arriving home I stood outside for over half an hour, just gazing in wonder…

So what is cloud to cloud lightning – apart from the obvious? Apparently, it’s actually the most common form of lightning, but so rarely seen that it is indeed unusual  to observe. It’s actually about ten times more common than cloud to ground. The lightning shoots out within the same cloud, or between two clouds but doesn’t reach the ground, and quite often is hidden within the clouds so is invisible to anyone looking at the sky.

Her’s a link to a page which explains it better than I have:

I did take a video but can’t access it at the moment… my image is of the route from the pub to home, walking along the High Street…



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