Pub quiz questions.. and answers!

Pub quiz… here are yesterday’s answers:

Answers Round 3

  1. Former footballer now seen presenting Homes Under the Hammer: Dion Dublin
  2. Presenter of the World of Sport from 1968 – 1985: Dickie Davis
  3. Born in 1921, an American actress who appeared in musical films in the 1930’s and 40’s, alongside Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland: Deana Durbin
  4. Author of Robinson Crusoe:                                                                        Daniel Defoe
  5. Legendary footballer who scored 60 league goals in the 1927-28 season who had ten appearances for England:                                                                      Dixie Dean
  6. English actor who starred in My Left Foot, Gangs of New York, The Last of the Mohicans: Daniel Day-Lewis
  7. An American rapper, film producer, born in 1965: Dr Dre
  8. English actress and singer whose birth name was Diana Fluck: Diana Dors
  9. TV presenter who first appeared in the children’s drama Byker Grove: Declan Donnelly
  10. Jamaican ska and reggae singer/song-writer/musician whose band was called the Aces:                                                                                                  Desmond Decker

…. and here’s the questions for the next round:


  1. B B – New York
  2. T B London
  3. S H B – Australia
  4. G G B – San Francisco
  5. B O S – Venice, Cambridge and Oxford
  6. I B – Shropshire
  7. H B –Dublin
  8. F R B– Scotland
  9. S B – Somerset and Monmouthshire
  10. B O T R K – Myanmar
  11. C S B – Bristol
  12. B O M C – Iowa USA
  13. Ö B (or Ø B) – Sweden/Denmark
  14. P B – Derry/Londonderry
  15. H B – Weston-super-Mare

The bridge in my featured image isn’t an answer, but it’s local to me – Pulteney Bridge Bath

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