A tribute act

We’re very lucky with our local theatre, the Playhouse, that it has a great variety of touring shows as well as local groups performing. The schedule is always full! Recently we’ve gone to see quite a few tribute acts – I confess I go for the company of friends as much as the shows, but they have been very good, and I have learned a lot of the music and details of artists who haven’t  necessarily been in my top ten. We saw an excellent tribute to The Eagles, The Illegal Eagles who were so good we have now seen them twice. They were exceptional musicians and singers and told the story of the band rather than trying to be the band. I am not an Elvis fan at all, but we went to see a show about him which was also very good, and through which I learned a lot about the man… I’m still  not a fan, but it was a great show!

Last night we went to see Supreme Queen. I quite like Queen’s music and will dance or sing along but I never bought any of their albums and never saw them live although I did go to see the brilliant film ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ which I enjoyed very much and thought really excellent. So last night, together with our friends we went along to the theatre, bought drinks and went to our seats. The singer taking Freddie Mercury’s rôle was Scott Maley, and his voice was absolutely amazing!! He was really first class – although being a little critical, not of him but the sound, the balance wasn’t quite right. He was tremendously energetic and really gave a star performance. However – I guess because my husband is in a rock band, I also watched appreciate the other musicians, in this case, lead guitar Luke Timmins, Alan Wallbanks on bass, Ben Marshall playing the keyboard and Allan Brown the sensational drummer. They too were excellent – playing and singing, and performing to make it an exciting and engaging event!

I guess you might be thinking there is a ‘but’ coming along, and indeed there is. I really don’t like tribute shows where the performer is trying to be the star they are celebrating. It just doesn’t work… it’s tricky enough in films where there are all the resources of make up and technical wizardry – in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ it was a little distracting to keep thinking whether the actors did really look like the real people they were impersonating, even though they were very, very good. Last night, I would have much preferred to see talented Scott Maley wearing jeans and a tee-shirt rather than  costumes like Freddy Mercury wore,  he had a passing resemblance face-wise, had dark hair and a moustache, but bodily he was not at all the same shape (it was a slight distraction that he had to keep adjusting his trousers which seemed to be slipping slightly!) His voice was superb, and he sang wonderfully – a tribute indeed, and a great performance, but it would have been better in my opinion if he’d just sung! Ditto, did brilliant guitarist Luke Timmins have to be wearing a Brian may wig?

This is just my opinion – the audience were going wild even though most of them were probably pensioners and even though most of the circle was empty!!

PS to the theatre – please don’t shine spotlights on the audience it completely dazzled me and for some numbers I couldn’t see what was happening at all!


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