Eating like an ant

Like many, many people, I’m very concerned about the future of our planet, and all the terrible things being done to it. I said that i feel like an ant in my puny efforts to make a difference, an ant compared to the giants who wield such power, the giants of government and industry, investment  and behind the scenes influence. However in my ant-like way I’m trying to do what I can, and my family too. Recycling, re-using, avoiding plastic wrap and plastic products, being aware of car use, picking up litter (i know that doesn’t affect climate change but it does help the environment and probably make wild life safer) and choosing food and produce more carefully.

I read an article in the newspaper which suggested various ways ordinary people can help fight these potentially catastrophic changes. I read these with interest and found that some don’t apply; for example we don’t go ‘jetting off to foreign parts‘ regularly – an annual trip to visit dear friends in the Netherlands is about it and flying is the only way we can afford to go! There was one suggestion which I subliminally knew but had not properly realised that it’s something I do already, and that is to eat less meat..

I am actually pretty omnivorous, I do eat meat, my family eats meat but we try to buy free-range although it is very expensive. However, I really do love vegetables, and over the last couple of years I’ve found I’m eating more and more plant based meals just because it’s what i fancy, what I enjoy and what tastes good. I’m not a vegetarian, I didn’t eat less meat for any reason other than I wanted certain meals which did not have any meat in them. I’ve written dozens of posts about delicious salads for example! Now I’ve belatedly realised what I should already know, that I’m eating in a way which does less harm to the planet… my small bowls of delicious salad are more healthy for me and more healthy for the planet! A tiny thing, one person’s diet, but an ant like munch to help save the world.



    1. Lois

      I know… I guess I worry about the rapidity of the changes and the contribution humans make to it… It is perplexing to imagine me doing or not doing can make any difference at all! Maybe I just feel better!


      1. Andrew Petcher

        When a meteorite strikes we will have gone the way of the dinosaurs anyway.
        Actually, I am not so pessimistic, there is lots of good work being done on alternative energy and reducing impact (e.g. plastics) but I just wish we could do something about the litterers and the fly tippers!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Lois

        I bought myself a litter picker today to take on walks! And yes there is good stuff going on, you’re right – the decline in the use of plastic bags for a start! But fly tippers… grrrrrr!!


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