A little excitement

Out walking the new puppy and we came to a stop at the sight of a jackdaw hopping along with a trailing wing and feathers awry. We have lots of jackdaws round here and I love their cheeky, clever characters. They spend a lot of time on the ground, walking around, socialising, chatting, setting the avian world to rights no doubt, so they are quite vulnerable. We’re on a very quiet road with no through traffic, and although some drivers do speed (especially delivery drivers and parents who park here to take their children to the nearby school) for the most parts the residents drive slowly. There are plenty of dogs living on our road, but when they go out they are all on leads – until they get to the hill or the beach!! So from cars and dogs the ambulating jackdaws are fairly safe. However there are a few cats, not that many but a few. There are foxes and badgers who come out at night, but of course jacdaws are all in bed by then – well, in nest!

Pup and i stopped to look at the poor bird, hopping along and got into conversation of some neighbours who were trying to catch the bird to take to an animal rescue centre. I hadn’t met them before but they were friendly and confessed they thought it was their cat who had caught the bird. They used to live on a farm in the country and s/he was forever bringing home creatures, including birds. They managed to catch the jackdaw in a bed-sheet and were all set to take t to the nearby sanctuary.

We set off for home and a lady passed us and commented on the bird and the fortunate rescue. As we got to our house the lady reappeared and asked me if we had pet rabbits, as there were two large rabbits hopping about in the road round the corner. They hopped out as she was asking and they were giant! A huge white one and an even huger grey one – someone’s pets! The lady began to knock on doors as I tried to get pup inside before he saw the rabbits. A neighbour appeared – it was his family’s pets who had escaped! There was a slow chase as he tried to recapture them and i got pup into the house… what an unexpected series of animal events!

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